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being Black and talking about your emotions is so fucking hard.

being Black and talking about your mental health is so fucking hard.

being Black and taking care of your interior self is so fucking hard

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Resource List for Gastrointestinal Pain


Since a lot of people I love have been experiencing gut problems recently, I’ve begun compiling a list of some things that help me during times of intense gastrointestinal pain and discomfort, such as accidental “glutenings.” Be sure to check brand-specific ingredients if you have any…

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ART: Jamilla Okubo.

If her name sounds in any way familiar, it might be because you saw this work of hers posted previously on Dynamic Africa. If not, the above images should surely make her name and artwork identifiable to you in the future. 

Okubo is an up-and-coming textile design artist whose work expands into paintings, garment designs, illustrations and more.

Fancy her work? Why not own it (or gift it)! If it’s pillow cases you want, iPad and laptop skins, framed artwork, clothing or mugs - her work is all for sale in these various mediums.

Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Google+Soundcloud | Mixcloud

All Africa, All the time.

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4/20, 2014.


4/20, 2014.

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we seemed to be unanimously elected…
Bethany Collins, Oasa Duverney, Kenya (Robinson), Lorna Williams
September 7 - October 12, 2014
opening reception, Sunday, September 7th, 6 - 8 pm
“I believe in listening to a person, the sea, the wind, the trees, but especially to young black women whose rocky road I am still traveling.” Alice Walker
When Alice Walker published her book of essays entitled In Search of Our Mother’s Gardens in 1983, she sought to answer questions about where African-American women stood in the feminist conversation. Thirty years later after the identity politics of the 90s and the post-black, post-racial aughts, we find ourselves with those questions still unanswered.  we seemed to be unanimously elected to pick up where white women left off is a sentiment from those early essays on Black feminism that encapsulates the parenthetical addition of non-white and working class women to the feminist movement. This exhibition presents four artists working in very different media addressing what it is to be an African-American woman in 21st century America. (more)
Gallery hours are Wednesday through Sunday, 12 - 6 pm and by appointment. For more information about this and other exhibitions, please contact Anastasiya Shelest at info@cindyruckergallery.com.

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you bet your luck
i’ll write yr name in city lights
just to brighten up yr room

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